Early childhood educators in Nova Scotia can easily find and access a wide variety of professional development workshops and training opportunities by scrolling through our calendar of workshops or by searching specific topics. Please contact the site hosting the workshop to get registration details.

Please Note: For Online Learning Workshops

NSCC, MSVU, and CPRPS occasionally offer online professional development workshops. Online workshops allow you the convenience of taking professional development without leaving home.  Our online workshops are live, and participants will interact with the facilitator and other participants in real time.

Online workshops have specific technical requirements, and participants are required to have access to a computer with a good internet connection, as well as microphone and audio capabilities. You must also have a working email address to receive login and password links to the workshop.  There may be other workshop requirements, so please check all workshop guidelines to ensure you are able to take part before you register for online training.

Upcoming Workshops



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