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février 19, 2019
  • Early Learning Environments that Improve Well-Being

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    février 19, 2019  7:00 - 9:00
    NSCECE, 6208 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1A3, Canada

    Part 1 of 2-session series 7 - 9 PM $80
    Early Learning Environments That Improve Well-Being
    This two-session workshop offers practical tools to examine your learning environment through the lens of well-being* with the goal of increasing “feel-good” factors and decreasing environmental stress. Participants will be encouraged to implement one or two goal strategies between sessions and share successes and challenges during the second session.
    *Well-being -- a state of physical, social, or emotional comfort. This includes happiness and satisfaction, effective social functioning, and the dispositions of optimism, openness, curiosity, and resilience (from Capable, Confident & Curious).
    Presenter - Olha Khaperska is a consultant who created Beautiful Classrooms, a classroom makeover service, to help teaching teams implement positive changes in their learning environments. She draws on her experience in advertising, publishing, lighting and knitwear design together with her knowledge of early learning that was tested in various classrooms.

    Olha has a degree in Management, an ECE diploma from the Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education, and an Early Childhood Administrator Certificate. She currently works as a Lead ECE in the Pre-Primary program.
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février 20, 2019
  • Technology....the pros and cons of incorporating it into early learning programs

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    février 20, 2019  6:30 - 8:30
    Online (Skype for Business)

    Many early learning professionals are struggling to answer how to position technology in their early learning programs. This workshop
    explores the if, how and why questions of the role that technology can play in children’s play experiences.

    **To register please contact Katrina George at [email protected] or by calling (902) 597 4406

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  • Program Leaders Session One - Pedagogical Leadership & Image of the Child

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    février 20, 2019
    NSCECE, 6208 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1A3, Canada

    9 - 4 PM Free Lunch included Feb 20 & Feb 21

    Module 1: Pedagogical Leadership
    ‘Pedagogical Leaders demonstrate credible knowledge of the teaching and learning process and draw on those principles to guide individuals and groups.’ (Coughlin and Woodburn, 2016)
    This module, designed for any type of leader in our field who is working in a regulated child care setting or Pre-primary Program, will focus on how pedagogical leadership supports educators in reflecting upon, and learning more about, their practices with children.
    We will address - through experiences and dialogue – the questions: What is an effective pedagogical leader? How do we work through growth and change in positive ways? How do we encourage innovative practices?
    Participants will:
    • develop an understanding of the role of a pedagogical leader, how this role can be improved through reflection, and how this type of leadership can support the vision and goals of their setting.
    • explore ideas around leading others through change and growth, while making connections to the framework, as they practice motivating, coaching, and mentoring skills.
    • reflect upon what it means to be a leader in terms of curriculum decisions; how we develop programs that are play-based, intentional, and connected to the practices described in the framework.

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février 21, 2019
  • Program Leaders Capable, Confident & Curious Session 1 - Pedagogical Leadership & Image of the Child

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    février 21, 2019
    NSCECE, 6208 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1A3, Canada

    Module 2 9 - 4 PM Lunch Included
    Module 2: The Image of the Child
    ‘A person’s Image of the Child….is influenced by that person’s experiences, culture, values and beliefs’ (N.S Early Learning Curriculum Framework, p11).
    This statement about the Image of the Child from the curriculum framework is foundational for the practices described within the document. In this module, we will use reflection and dialogue to work through our own images of children and how these are made visible in our day to day interactions, routines, decision-making, and responses to children.
    We will address – through experiences and dialogue - the questions: What is your ‘Image of the Child’? Why does this image matter? How do our images and practices align with the Framework? What difference does it make to our daily practice? How does the Image of the Child affect the role of an educator or leader?
    Participants will:
    • articulate their Image of the Child, considering their own centre’s philosophies and values.
    • understand how their own childhood experiences, family background, spiritual and cultural values, as well as experiences as an adult and educator, influence their images of children.
    • improve awareness of what they see and understand in their approaches with children and recognize how their images of children shape their ECE practices.
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février 26, 2019
  • Early Childhood Educator Professional Learning Community Study Group

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    février 26, 2019  6:30 - 8:30
    Mount Saint Vincent University, 166 Bedford Hwy, Halifax, NS B3M 2J6, Canada

    Facilitated by Christine McLean,  with other guest faculty and local experts 

    We invite you to join our new, monthly Early Childhood Educator Professional Learning Community Study Group. Child and Youth Study full time faculty, Christine McLean, is the Lead Facilitator for these sessions, with other local experts to be invited to host sessions in their areas of expertise.

    These monthly meetings will be a place of professional learning and sharing for early learning professionals to join together to explore, learn, discuss, reflect and support one another through a continuous professional learning process.  Participants will be encouraged to engage on a multitude of topics, share lessons learned, success from previous months session and plans for upcoming months topic and activities.  Topics would be pulled from a range of areas including participant requests, and/or current or upcoming trends in the sector.  An agenda, book chapter, or paper will be emailed out a week prior to each session for participants to prepare for the study group.  Topics will be posted prior to each month’s meeting.

    Participants can register for as many, or as few sessions as they like.  Fees include materials and light refreshments. 

    Registration for our MSVU workshops, along our PD brochure with full workshops details, descriptions and presenter bios is found online  

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  • Taking Loose Parts into the Outdoors

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    février 26, 2019  7:00 - 9:00
    NSCECE, 6208 Quinpool Rd, Halifax, NS B3L 1A3, Canada

    7 - 9 PM $40
    This session is for educators and recreation programmers who are not familiar with loose parts theory and / or have not tried implementing it in their outdoor space.
    It seems like everyone is talking about 'loose parts' these days! Do you have 'loose parts' at your centre? Do you 'do' loose parts? Inside, and/or outside? If inside has been easy, but outside has been a challenge, this session is for you. What kinds of loose parts are easy to manage, clean and store for outside? What risks do we need to consider? What are the benefits that make loose parts better outside than our regular equipment and toys? Come and see!
    Presenter - Tanya Moxley is an ambassador for the importance of unstructured loose parts play for children’s successful growth & development. In 2015, while working with the Halifax Regional School Board’s Excel program for Before & After School Care, she was invited to introduce the ‘loose parts play’ concept to 18 Excel programs. The success of that venture has turned into a small business providing loos parts adventure play sessions for child care centres, day camps and after-school programs, as well as offering professional development for educators and recreation staff, and support to parents in letting their children take on more risk. Tanya has completed the Playworker Development Course, through Pop-up Adventure Play in the UK.
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