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The Early Years Professional Development Committee consists of representatives of provincially funded Training Institutions and Support Sites. Committee members share their insights, needs assessment observations and professional development plans in order to coordinate, communicate and deliver quality professional development for all early childhood educators and other early years professionals in Nova Scotia.

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December 14, 2019
  • Capable, Confident & Curious: Nova Scotia's Early Learning Curriculum Framework

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    December 14, 2019
    Quality Inn Halifax Airport, 60 Sky Blvd, Goffs, NS B2T 1K3, Canada

    Lunch Provided

    Session 3 (educators)

    Module 5:
    Observation for Decision-Making Purposes
    In our daily work, we observe children all the time – but how are we observing, and for what purpose? Knowing what to look for, and the possibilities for responding to what we see and hear, is a crucial part of inquiry-based curriculum, play-based practice, and the building of responsive and meaningful teaching and learning.
    In Module 5, educators and leaders will:
    • Learn about ‘ways of noticing’ that are useful and useable during our daily work, together with varied methods of taking notes and photos.
    • Think through what we are looking for, and how to use the information that we have collected.
    • Connect these approaches to the framework in natural and authentic ways, using our relationships with children as one of the cornerstones of our work.
    Additionally, leaders will learn how to support this type of observation, develop systems that work, and model the development of responsive programming.

    Module 6:
    Reflective Practice and How it Applies to Daily Practices with Children.
    In Module 6, participants will explore how reflective practice connects to the curriculum framework, how to use the Reflective Planning Cycle as a useful tool in our daily lives with children, as well as how to include families in this cycle.
    Educators and Leaders will:
    • Work through the Reflective Planning Cycle in order to understand its practicality as a tool for reflection in our everyday lives with children
    • Reach an understanding of the difference that Reflective Practice can make in the quality of our programmes.
    Additionally, leaders will learn how to develop and support this type of practice within their settings through modeling and scaffolding.

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The Early Years Professional Development Committee consists of representatives of provincially funded Training Institutions and Support Sites  
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